UPDATED: power outages continue

Sections across Worthington are currently being powered by local generation.

REGIONAL — A local generator is currently powering up locations around Worthington.

For how long? That’s yet unclear, said Worthington Public Utilities General Manager Scott Hain, as the problem doesn't yet appear to be fixed.

He said ITC and Great River Energy continue to fix a transmission line. According to a Facebook post by Nobles Cooperative Electric, the outage was caused by someone digging into electric lines south of Worthington. Power to much of Fulda should be repaired.

In the meantime, areas across Worthington are being powered by a 14 megawatt generator. That’s not enough to power the entire town, and it likely won’t be even if partial power is restored, Hain said.

“We have not instituted the rolling blackouts,” Hain said of the schedule developed during the April ice storm.


Hain said the city should have a partial source soon.

“I have not gotten any update recently on when we’ll have full power restored,” he said.

The Worthington Police Department was controlling traffic at the Oxford Street and Humiston Avenue intersection.

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