JACKSON -- Very early in her high school sports career, Sadie Voss put an exceptional quality of athleticism on display. That shouldn’t have surprised people with knowledge about her family.

She’s a junior this year. Think about that for a moment. For all that she’s already accomplished, most notably in basketball and volleyball, your mind must be forced to acknowledge the truth.

She “should” be a senior, it tells you. Why, she’s already done so much.

The same mind trick was played on us regarding her older brother, Rudy, who even as a freshman showed such ability on the basketball court that we wondered if it were a mirage. But no, Rudy became even better for the remainder of his years on the Jackson County Central basketball and football teams until his recent graduation.

Sadie continues to improve, too.

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Lucky genes, perhaps? Not entirely. Sadie works very hard at her craft, and deserves the credit.

Lucky JCC fans? Yes.

In an odd twist of fate in the sports year of COVID-19, Sadie saw an opportunity when the traditional start of the volleyball season was moved from fall to spring. So she managed to play for the Fairmont girls soccer team. Now, with volleyball returned to fall (albeit with a later start) she can say that she was able to play both sports in the same season.

Switching from soccer to volleyball was easy for Voss on Thursday as she amassed 12 kills, 10 digs and nine ace serves in the Huskies’ season-opener against arch-rival Windom Area.

This week’s subject of The Drill, Voss revealed her thoughts about sports and family to The Globe. You can see the video online at www.dglobe.com. Here is a sample of the interview:

QUESTION: What is your favorite sport? And what makes it so special to you?

ANSWER: “I’ve always loved volleyball as a kid. My mom played college volleyball. She was a state champ in volleyball, so I always loved volleyball since I was little. I’ve played club volleyball since I was 12. Volleyball is special because I love the team aspect of it, and just celebrating with my teammates after every point. Getting a block is one of the best feelings, and a kill.”

QUESTION: Rudy was a truly exceptional athlete at JCC. Did you learn anything from him?

ANSWER: “Yeah, my brother Rudy had a good experience here at Jackson, a phenomenal career for football and basketball, and now he’s playing football at SDSU. He’s really showed me to always work hard and nothing’s given to you, and to always believe in your teammates and always have fun. And never give up.”

QUESTION: And surely you’ve had other important influences.

ANSWER: “My parents (Rod and Trisha) are great role models. Both of them always played sports, so they always encouraged me to just work hard and do my best.”