WORTHINGTON -- Near the conclusion of her interview for this week’s Globe Drill feature, Tarren Spartz elicited a few chuckles when she said she’d love to get involved in college volleyball someday ... “when I grow up.”

She caught herself immediately, sharing in the laugh. Though as a junior on the Worthington High School volleyball team, the Trojans’ gifted hitter may still have some growing yet to do, she’s already become an impressive athlete for her age. Since she arrived on the varsity scene as a freshman, in fact, she’s been recognized as a star in the making. Now, she’s there all the way.

And she’s not short. In fact, she’s six-foot. Which is pretty grown up, if you ask most people.

There are several experienced and talented girls on the 2021 WHS volleyball team, and Spartz is just one of them. But her performance at the net might be the single greatest barometer to gauge winning or losing. When she’s “on,” the Trojans appear energized. That’s what a powerful hitter can do for a team.

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Besides volleyball, Spartz is also a fine basketball player. She performs on the school’s golf team, too.

But this is volleyball season, and Spartz is focused on becoming a consistent force for her team. The Trojans struggled through a losing season last year, dropping several tight matches they might have won if they’d been more focused at the end. Spartz thinks they can win a bunch more matches this year if they show more consistency, and she’s well aware of what she must do in the front row.

“When I’m up at the net during a game, I’m always thinking, ‘Where is the pass? Where is the set going to? Where is my block going to be set? Am I stopped? Am I ready for this ball coming at me? There’s a lot of stuff to think about,” she said.

“Your vertical (jump) is very key, because if you can’t get on top of the ball, it could be tough. It can be done, but your vertical definitely helps you.”

You can see our video of Spartz online at www.dglobe.com. Here’s a sample of the interview:

QUESTION: If there’s a team you’d most like to beat this year in volleyball, who would it be?

ANSWER: “One team that I’d sure like to beat is Luverne, because last year we almost won. We lost by two in the fifth set. Hopefully this year we can come out on top and finish those tight matches.”

QUESTION: Tell us something that happened to you in your athletic career that you’ll never forget.

ANSWER: “Something I’ll never forget is my freshman year, we were at Windom playing basketball. I think Madison Huisman shot a 3 to tie the game. Brooklyn (Scheitel-Taylor) shot another 3 to tie the second overtime, and then the third overtime I shot a 3 and we won the game. During the game I was on the bench. I was so nervous. And I got out there and I just, I don’t know. The nerves went away and the shot was open so I took it. And that was the most exciting part.”

QUESTION: Tell us the most unusual thing about you that most people don’t know.

ANSWER: “The most unusual thing about me that most people don’t know is, probably, we have a pig farm, if you want to call it that. We raise like, 5,000 pigs. I’m almost there every weekend working on the farm, doing this and that. It can be very hectic with that and sports and school all at the same time.”